Best Small Handguns

Small handguns or primary caliber handguns are known to be the most popular choice for home and personal defense. Under the law, civilians are permitted to carry handguns provided that they learn how to operate and safely carry them around. Majority of private individuals who are seriously considering of buying handguns opt for primary caliber handguns as they are easy to use, lightweight, and ideal for self-defense purposes.

There really is no telling of which is the best small handgun in the market as the best handgun for you is directly dictated by your individual needs. This article will discuss about everything there is to know about handguns; their individual features and the best selling models that are available as of late.

There are four general types of small handguns in the market:

  • .22 long rifle

.22 long rifle handguns penetrate well if you are in a defensive situation. Most .22 log rifles make use of rimfire cartridges; a feature which makes them less reliable in terms of ignition. .22 pistols are excellent gun choice if you are in the training stage of shooting guns. They are inexpensive when compared alongside other types of small handguns in the market.

A .22 caliber pistol is an excellent choice for beginners who are still training on how to use a gun for protection purposes. It is also the perfect handgun for women as they are lightweight and compact. For low power affair or short range targets, .22 long rifles undeniably work perfectly well.

The choice between a revolver and pistol type of handgun will arise when choosing primary caliber handguns. Your knowledge in the handling and shooting of handgun should be considered. It is relatively easier to operate a revolver and they are also hassle-free to maintain. When it comes to semi-automatic and automatic handguns, you need to make sure that you are highly skilled in loading and operating them so you don’t end up with a useless gun in cases when you need it the most.

Here are a few top selling .22 long rifle models from reputable manufacturers:

  • Beretta .22 Model 21 Bobcat
  • Ruger Mark III .22
  • Berreta 87
  • Browning Buck Mark Plus
  • Smith 22 A
  • .25 ACP

Majority of .25 ACP in the market utilize center fire cartridges; one which is more reliable than .22 long rifles. This variety of handgun provides optimum penetration and feed reliability. A .25 ACP is also compact, thus making it the best firearm to keep if you are going out alone. Firearms with this size can be easily concealed in one’s pocket or small handbag. They are lightweight, especially those made from titanium or aluminum alloys.

Since .25 ACPs are short-barreled, they are only ideal for short-range shooting and low power affairs. The miniscule caliber and extremely light projectiles make them less effective in terms of lethality. Well-trained and highly skilled shooters make use of .25 ACPs with extreme accuracy, thus making them the ideal companion for those who have had background in target shooting and the use of handguns.

Here are the top names when it comes to .25 ACPs:

  • Baby Browning .25 caliber pocket pistol
  • Colt Model 1908
  • German Walther TPH
  • Beretta Jetfire 950
  • .32 ACP

In terms of shootability and ease of use, .22 and .25 caliber handguns are very much the ideal firearms for you. However, when it comes to reliability, they may not be the perfect handgun to be used. For civilians who are in serious threat or danger, .32ACPs will definitely do the trick. Automatic or autoloaders are more reliable than other primary caliber handguns. They are relatively bigger than the two varieties discussed above, but they are undoubtedly more powerful. The stopping power is more impressive compared to that of .22 and .25 handguns. Although heavier than .22 and .25, .32 pistols can still be carried conveniently inside one’s handbag or purse. They are also ideal handguns that can be kept inside the house for protection.

Here are the best selling .32 models in the market today:

  • Beretta 3032 Tomcat .32 ACP
  • Kel-Tec P32
  • North American Arms Guardian .32 ACP
  • .38 ACP

.38 caliber pistols are also categorized as concealment firearms as their dimensions and ammunitions are compact and easy to carry still. They are the most reliable and can surpass .22, .25, and .32 caliber pistols reliability and shooting power. These pistols are very much dependable and highly accurate. If you are looking for a handgun with a remarkable stopping power, .38 ACPs are hands down the best primary caliber handguns for personal protection, safety, and defense.

.38 ACP Top Sellers

  • Bersa .380
  • CZ Model 87
  • Kahr 380
  • Kel-Tec P3AT
  • Smith & Wesson .380 Bodyguard
  • Walther PPK S.380 Pistols
  • Perform Intensive Research

In short, do your homework. The nature and price of handguns will require you to know more about firearms in general. Purchasing a handgun, regardless of price point, is a responsibility. You need to make sure that they are kept at a safe place when not in use, and are in perfect working condition.

There are numerous companies that sell handguns in recent years, but only a few of them sell products that are worth the money. Only stick to brands that have proven their reliability, durability, and quality throughout the years. Remember that a handgun is supposed to save your life in the event that you are in immediate trouble. Experts provide these gun recommendations so you can start your research regarding their respective small handgun collection:

  • Colt
  • Springfield
  • Ruger
  • Remington
  • Glock
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Bersa

Never be in haste when looking to buy a small handgun. You also need to assess your skills, knowledge, and ability in carrying and shooting guns. Remember that a firearm is only an instrument for you to protect yourself. Your ability to skillfully operate a handgun is also crucial if you want to guarantee personal safety and that of your loved ones.

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